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Rogue Company Tier List (Best Rogues Characters Ranked)

There are numerous ways to play a game like Rogue Company, whatever your favorite method of play. It’s crucial to be aware of which gaming characters are the greatest. We’ll talk about the Rogue Company tier list in this blog article and explain why each character is divided into tiers and scored accordingly.

The top rogues are listed according to a rating system called the Rogue Company Tier List (characters). Based on how each character stacks up against others in their class and job within the Rogue corporation, these tiers were created.

It is critical to comprehend how each character performs and what their strengths are if you want to better your gameplay. You can accomplish that with the aid of this list of Rogue Company character tiers! This tier list will improve your comprehension of the characters and raise your chance of success whether you are a novice or a seasoned rogue company player. 

Rogue Company Introduction

Rogue Company is a dynamic third-person shooter video game for free-to-play multiplayer that was developed by First Watch Games and published by Hi-Rez Studios.

On October 1, 2020, the game’s open beta version was published. The playable Rogues in Rogue Company come in many different varieties. The game features a variety of maps and objective-based game modes.

Both teams skydive from an aircraft to the map below at the start of each round of a match to compete against one another in various objectives. There are many rounds in a match, Players can purchase and upgrade guns, gear, and perks.  Between rounds using the money they earn through performing missions and destroying opponents in the previous round.

Several different game modes have been made public:

In the 4v4 game mode Extraction, the attacking team is tasked with hacking an objective; the round is over when the goal has been compromised or when all members of a team have been eliminated.

Players can respawn after being eliminated in Strikeout, a variation of Extraction where each team is only allowed a certain amount of respawns per round. In order to win in this game, adversaries must be eliminated until there are no more respawns available. Hacking the goal, which is a 4v4 mode in which one team must detonate a bomb within a set amount of time, will make this easier to do.  Rogue Company presently has 25 playable Rogues, 13 Rogues were initially playable in the game, with Dahlia joining in September 2020.

This game is a multiplayer game, so you can play it with different platforms like: 

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Playstation 4
  • Xbox One 
  • Xbos Serie X/S
  • PlayStation 5
  • iOS
  • Android 

As the title suggests, the Rogue Company is made up of rogue agents who serve as hired guns for other rogue businesses.  All across the world to assist put an end to disputes in their specialized sectors. As one of the rogue agents, you take on several missions to advance the plot. 

The game has a large cast of characters, each of which has unique qualities and abilities. It can be difficult to choose who to play because even the gameplay differs for each character. We have made the decision to create a Rogue Company tier list to make your decision-making process easier.

A Rogue Company tier list has numerous advantages, such as:

  • Assisting users in selecting the ideal characters to play.
  • providing an autocomplete feature of the game’s characters.
  • Demonstrating how one character compares to the others.
  • Your character’s strengths and weaknesses can be identified, allowing you to concentrate your efforts on developing the skills that will benefit you most.

Rogue Company Tier List 

You can choose the ideal rogues for your games with the aid of a Rogue Company tier list Season 4, 5, 6, 7 2022. In Rogue Company, there are different game styles and rogue company characters. 

Characters will be ranked in the Rogue Company tier list based on their in-game functions and specialties. The list is divided into 4 tiers: S, A, B, C. 


The greatest of the best are these. They are excellent in every facet of the game and work well in every circumstance.


These characters are excellent, yet they fall short of perfection due to a few minor imperfections. They continue to be very helpful and shouldn’t be undervalued.


 While these characters are decent overall, they frequently encounter difficulties. Although they are not ineffective, they are not as powerful as the tiers above them.


The game’s weakest characters are those in this group. They have serious shortcomings that make it challenging to use them successfully.


These characters are so terrible that it is not even worthwhile to play them.

Players in Rogue Company get to join a top-secret organization of elite mercenaries that travels the world to address its toughest and most difficult crises. The 6 different Classes are available to players in the 4v4 team-based multiplayer shooter.

Their functions are:


Protecting target areas and slowing enemy advance.


Finding a way around obstacles or creating a gap so that the squad can progress


Getting intelligence on opposing positions will give your side a tactical advantage.


Beating the opposition in battle and forcing them to make trades.


Dealing substantial damage in long range combat. 


Helping teammates out in combat.

We have made the decision to create a Rogue Company tier list to make your decision-making process easier.

Rogue Company S Tier List

The best of the highest are given S characters in the tier list of the rogue firm.

These characters are highly powerful and have little trouble defeating their enemies. This  Rogue S has 3 Characters and it role is:

  • Scorch  Duelist 
  • Dahlia    Support
  • The Fixer  Sniper


Use the flaming rounds of Scorch to quickly dispatch your enemies, and add heat to any team competition. And her scotching round may dispatch even the thought of opponents in a flash. Thanks to her overheating ability, this fire-loving  rogue can easily dispatch a number of foes. The most potent skill in the game is called Overheat which enables Scorch to handle her foes with bothe melee weapons and firearms, which with the time damage her enemies.  


One of the strongest lits in the entire game belonged to Dahlia, during a round, Dahlia can pair up with an ally.  With the danger close ability, which enables her to pick them up if they are knocked down. This ability 30m radius and safe use behind cover are both wonderful features.

The fact that this Rogue can use any linked ally’s passive ability makes things even better.

The Buddy System not only offers players a tonne of flexibility, but it also helps teams come up with a lot of creative team synergies and strategies. The Dhalia’s Objection SMG is incredibly overpowered in close-quarters combat due to its ridiculously high rate of fire and ability to quickly dispatch foes.

The Fixer

The Fixer is a potent sniper who can reveal the entire oppositional team. As a Fixer, you can use your thermal vision to cut through visual clutter and identify adversaries wherever they may be on the map. When pressing against the opposing team or the point, the cluster grenade will be useful. And once he is in range, he should be able to easily dispatch adversaries. He becomes invisible while using the Thermal Vision skill, which is another benefit. Therefore, it’s ideal for locating undetected foes and sneaking up on them.

Rogue Company A Tier List

The powerful middle-tier characters are listed on the Rogue company A tier, while still capable of doing damage, these characters might not alway be as useful as others. This  Rogue A has 3 Characters and it role is:

Seeker   Intel

Ronin    Duelist

Dallas    Intel

Runway support

Switchblade Breacher


Seeker is another rogue who may help teammates out by sharing insider knowledge. He can also use his Arrow Scanner skill, which reveals all adversaries in the route of an arrow, to locate enemy teams. He must remain on the backline and provide supporting fire, per Seeker’s equipment.

Seeker adds a 60 % damage bonus when gadgets are bounced. When necessary, he can keep a watch on the flanks and warn his teammates of potential threats up ahead so they are aware of their surroundings. Additionally, thanks to his Ricochet, his arrows deal twice as much damage when they rebound. If you enjoy Sova from Valorant or Hanzo from Overwatch, you’ve found your new favorite Rogue.


A lethal duelist who gives her team good intelligence and kill potential. Due to her adaptable equipment, this former street racer is a fantastic all-arounder who can easily fit into most competitions. Ronin’s Ballistic Knife is a throwable weapon that explodes when an enemy is close by, causing damage and alerting your crew right away.

This skill may be used both offensively and defensively, making it a superb defensive tool. Simply fling the knife toward a group of adversaries or toward people who are hunkered down behind cover. The explosion always knocks a target to the ground and can even take the lives of already frail Rogues.

If you want to deal more damage to opponents, take into account that Ronin’s Ballistic Knife can be shot to explode it early. Due to its superior ability to poke targets at a mid- to long-range, the Ronin KA30 assault rifle is a fantastic weapon that shines on the current maps. And last, her passive gives you plenty of chances to attack those cunning flanks by hiding your location on the opponent mini-map.


Dallas has the speed to stop even the most creative sides, for a short period of time. This Rogue with a weapon can reveal the adversary who is nearest to him, revealing their location. When so many flankers are currently seeing greater play, having an ability that can rapidly reveal an enemy’s location is really helpful. Dallas’ Target Finder refreshes whenever he takes out an adversary, thereby rewarding those who seek out their enemies.

With the HRM-30KS assault rifle or the Devotion DMR at his disposal, he is more than capable of taking out opponents with a few well-placed headshots. Additionally, he has access to incendiary grenades, which he can employ to zone heavily populated areas and eliminate players who are hidden behind cover.


Runway may provide teammates unlimited firepower and refuel their devices, which is a very useful skill to have on hand. Runway is a support rogue who specializes in weapons and equipment.

She may summon a supply drop during a round to replenish teammates’ equipment and give them endless ammo, which is useful in longer rounds. She can also carry 2 primary weapons at once, so you can get pretty creative while playing her if you want to sport a sniper and an assault rifle or a shotgun and an SMG.


Dima and Switchblade both possess a fairly similar skill, however Switchblades is marginally more potent. It has a napalm launcher that, when fired, scatters a group of charges. These effectively block off significant sections of the map for a much longer than Dima can, burning like incendiary bombs.

She is one of the fastest rogues around because of her Fight and Flight passive, which increases her movement speed with each use of her ability and gadgets. Switchblade is unlocked and worth trying out if you enjoy Dima.

Rogue Company B Tier List

If you are looking for characters who are more appropriate for beginners, you should start with the Rogue company B tierility  list. Despite having less strength and versatility than other characters these ones are nevertheless capable of finishing the job! 

This  Rogue B has 6 Characters and it role is:

Vy    Defender

Trench   Defender

Anvil     Defender

Saint      Support

Kestrel   Duelist

Sigrid     Breacher


Vy is great at zoning and dealing damage to groups of foes, and her Vile Poison ability is among the greatest. You’ll need to have a good read on your opponents if you want to maximize your potential in the game. This is a tiny price to pay, though, considering that one well-placed poisonous grenade can completely destroy the health of several foes.

Throwing your Vile Poison into locations with a lot of players is frequently the best choice because it will harm all players. Her Leeching Poison passive ability will enable her to have a higher maximum health within the toxic waste. 

Even the strongest Rogue’s health will be destroyed by a devastating combination of Vile Poison and an incendiary grenade. Although Vy’s Nightshade assault rifle deals respectable damage, the other guns in the current meta unfortunately outperform them. Because of this, if she doesn’t get headshots or utilize her Vile Poison in most 1v1 battles, she could end up losing.


This defender is in a tough situation as a result of Trench’s limited adaptability, Trench, as contrast to Anvil, mostly benefits from being played on defense. His barbed wire grenade can successfully block off common entrances and it does limit the opposition team’s movement. But in Demolition, the majority of players will just go on to the next goal, this skill is hence almost usually rendered entirely pointless. 

The 2 Active Protection Systems or 2 Tear Gas Grenades that Trench can carry thanks to his Gadget Up passive are helpful for minimizing incoming damage.  And preventing your adversaries from pushing aggressively toward the target.

Trench is regrettably held down by his lack of overall adaptability, despite the fact that his DMR provides a tonne of long- to medium-range kill potential. While he makes a good choice for hard defending, Anvil is almost always preferable.


What makes Saint so powerful is his ability to safely restore fallen allies, it is always quite helpful to have a Rogue.  Who can successfully revive a fallen ally anywhere on the globe without putting themselves in danger. Saint is one of the most well-liked rogues in the current meta thanks to his revived drone.

When you’re up against aggressive teams, the default revive animation takes a while to complete and isn’t always possible. Saint entirely eliminates this threat and can protect allied players in even the most dangerous circumstances, frequently turning.  What would typically be crucial situations into victories that win the game. Every time you effectively damage an enemy, the Tracker Round perk also alerts your squad.


Anvil demonstrates how dangerous a solid defensive stance can be, the main goal of this rogue is to focus on one area and impede attackers as they advance toward the target. Anvil is excellent at using his Barricade to block off important choke points, and his Active Protection System can even halt bombs. You have plenty of opportunities to defend fiercely and secure those key takedowns because this rogue also has access to the MLX Maw LMG and C4.

Try to save this ability for those times when you’ll need it most, Being able to set up cover when detonating.  Although Anvil’s ability appears fantastic on paper, the majority of high-level players either smash it or completely go around the wall by flanking behind him. He frequently performs best in a team with complete communications, contrary to the other Rogues described below.


Kestrel can provide a significant amount of firepower for her team, and she is dependent on it. She can bring an astounding amount of firepower to the table. She fires a volley of missiles in whichever direction she chooses with her Halo Drones.

But with this Rogue, it’s not all bombs; thanks to her Legends Contract, she also knows how to outsmart everyone else at making money in between rounds. This provides an additional $500 per down, so leveling up before other players should be simple. She is easily outmatched and can only use her pistol and shield.


Sigrid is a strong defensive rogue with a lot of damage-absorbing capacity, forget about needing to get cover if you have Sigrid on your team. Her Ballistic Shield, which is ideal for advancing against enemy-held locations, stops all incoming damage from the front. She can only utilize her pistol and shield and is easily overpowered. If 2 or more players decide to concentrate on her, thus you will need a buddy to support you.

Rogue Company C Tier List

Some of the weaker characters are on the rogue company C tier list, Regardless of their level of strength. These characters can nevertheless be effective when deployed properly in certain circumstances.

This  Rogue C has 3 Characters and it role is:

Mack   Duelist 

Lancer   Defender

Chaac     Duelist


Mack essentially enters a gunfight with a knife, Mack isn’t a bad rogue by any means, but his skills aren’t as revolutionary as some others. With additional steps, Lightbomb is essentially a Flashbang, and Standard Issue provides you 25 more armor than other Rogues.

In general, there is a better option for practically everyone we could think of to utilize him in, though he might be okay in some circumstances. Even so, he has one of the coolest looks of any rogue, and once you master his skill, he can hold his own.


Chaac’s self-healing can prevent death when times are tough, Chaac’s equipment is designed to help him fend off death’s icy grasp. This hardy vigilante can easily get himself up after being knocked out and fatally wounded, then resume the fight. Chaac is given a second chance at life by the Stim Pack, but it can also be utilized offensively. 

While the Stim Pack’s overheal effect won’t compensate for bad positioning or aim, it will provide you the extra tankiness you need to win 1v1 or 1v2 battles. The majority of rogues who enter the fallen state rarely manage to get back up, but his stim makes eliminating this immortal soldier quite challenging.

He can dodge rolls and acquire more health when knocked out because of the Grit Passive, which greatly increases his durability even when he is most exposed. In addition, his D40-C SMG and SKL-6 shotgun allow for some incredibly quick close-range kills, so always be on the lookout for bold flanking possibilities.


If you’re willing to be aggressive, Lancer offers multiple kill opportunities, Lancer’s swift and quiet skill makes her one of the game’s most lethal rogues. When this skill is used, Lancer moves faster, walks more quietly, and is temporarily immune to reveals. This skill is unquestionably effective, and many players have used it to get a lot of covert flank kills. 

Even better, you can rapidly reload your active weapon using her passive (Elusive), which minimizes any downtime while you are on offense. In 1v1 battles, her 24S SMG’s lightning-fast rounds can swiftly overwhelm opponents, and her Striker 810 is especially lethal when utilized to push enemy positions aggressively. The fact that Lancer is one of the easiest kits to learn makes her a fantastic choice for gamers of all skill levels.

Rogue Company D Tier List

Characters on the D tier list of the rogue company are weaker than average and ought to be avoided at all costs. Although they might have their uses, these characters are normally not suggested for serious gaming.

This  Rogue D has 4 Characters and it role is:

GI1tch       Breacher

Dima        Breacher

Phantom   Sniper

Talon       Intel


GI1tch is the most recent Rogue to appear on live servers, he is undoubtedly the worst character in the entire game. As a result, numerous Rough Company players have been pleading for Hi-Rez to boost the infamous hacker. GI1tch’s ability to identify opponent equipment through walls and deactivate it might sound like a useful skill, but most players would just run an EMP grenade to take out any bothersome defensive devices.

Because Gl1tch’s may only utilize his ability once per round, it can be challenging if you are unable to hack defensive targets like Anvil and Trench.  To make matters worse, you must be somewhat close to your foes in order to utilize the Hack ability. Which frequently puts you in situations where you are caught in the middle of an animation. There’s no disputing the Rogue’s potential, but given how he now stands, it’s difficult to choose this Rogue over others.


With a barrage of lethal explosive explosions, drive your foes out of cover. You might wish to add Dima as the next rogue to your team. If you enjoy the thought of dousing your opponents in explosive gunfire, his passive makes any enemy he kills visible to his team. His MIRV Launcher is excellent at enticing adversaries out of cover and into open spaces.

Unfortunately, Dima’s grenade launcher’s explosive rounds take a few seconds to explode, giving his adversaries plenty of opportunity to evade the AoE blast. It is preferable to anticipate where your enemies will move or to simply fire it into regions that draw them out into the open. Thankfully, he uses the KA30 assault weapon to prevent falling below the bottom tier.


Phantom is one of the most difficult Rogues to perfect, but the chance of a one-shot kill makes the effort worthwhile. Phantom is one of the only characters who can fully ADS when staring down her sniper scope, and she is the standard sniper class for Rogue Company. While it may sound amazing to be able to kill an enemy with a single well-placed headshot, doing so requires a lot of practice and skill. 

Phantom has enormous damage potential, but she falls into our B-tier bracket because of her inconsistent playstyle. Even if you succeed in getting a few kills, the phantom first person view (when scoped) severely restricts your overall vision, leaving you frequently open to opposing fire. If you are willing to invest in the work, she can be an absolute best on the battlefield because positioning and having a solid understanding of the maps are essential to your success. 


You can get an advantage in crucial rounds by using Talon’s Radar Dart. Those of you who have experienced round-based shooters like CS:GO and Valorant are well aware of the value of visibility. This is especially true when trying to identify enemy positions and movements.

Particularly when you have a team that is completely interacting with one another, the intelligence Talon delivers with his Radar Dart is really enormous. You can always stay one step ahead of your adversaries when you can see their whereabouts on your radar, which makes it possible to prevail in gunfights only by map awareness.

For instance, if you kill a Phantom in the opposition, you can take her sniper gun and use it against her own teammates. The abilities Life Drain and Sixth Sense are a nice addition to his toolbox because they greatly improve durability and expand your vision-based utility.

The greatest characters in Rogue Company will help you quickly secure more victories and eliminations. The greatest characters in Rogue Company will help you quickly secure more victories and eliminations. Follow for further which, news, and leaks RogueCoUpdates on Twitter.

Final Thoughts

The entire object of the Rogue Company tier list is to provide players a broad idea of how the game works. And Characters may post change up or down in tiers depending on players feedback and matchups, so do not take it as fact. We hope that you fully grasped the Rogue Company characters tier list after reading this post.


What is the Rough Company Tier List?

All of the characters in Rogue Company are ranked in the Rogue Company tier list. In order to increase your chances of winning, it selects the best and worst characters to play.

How Frequently is the character tier list for Rogue Company updated?

The Rogue Company tier list is updated each time the game is updated.

How Accurate is the list of Rogue Company tiers?

Based on information obtained from competitive play, the Rogue Company tier list ought to be quite accurate.

Who Made the Rogue Company tier list?

A group of expert gamers created the Rogue Company tier list. They are seasoned players who understand what it takes to succeed.

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