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Best CPU for Virtualization (Intel, AMD, Budget)

A right CPU for virtual infrastructures depends upon many factors. Do you want to take advantage of Virtualization? Buy our experts tested best CPU for Virtualization and enjoy! Stay with us! Below are our top picks for you, that are good to run a virtual machine. 

Virtualization is such a process that allows you to create virtual networks, servers and storage capacities on one machine. Does the CPU matter for virtualization? Yes a desktop processor is needed for virtualization. For this process a CPU is as important as memory, storage and network resources. 

A compatible processor that is properly configured is necessary for virtualization. Because a misconfigured CPU can affect your Virtualization in a negative way. Buy a processor with as many cores as possible. We recommend you to Intel Core i9-12900K for your virtual machine, with  16 cores it will perform as you want.

An efficient desktop processor enables you to  handle multiple virtual resources simultaneously. Go for a processor with less clock speed because for virtualization high speed is not required. You can consider the AMD Ryzen 5 5500, it will perform well with 4.2 GHz speed. 

Intel and AMD are well known names for processor production. Both are good to run a virtual machine, you can choose any of them. AMD offers Execute Disabled or Intel comes with No Execute feature. This feature strict your processor to not run code in those areas where there’s a high risk of malware attacks. Plus, they also provide you SAHF and LAHF commands that are compulsory for better resource allocation.

Furthermore, a CPU with more cores and disable hyper-threading is recommended for efficient performance. This cloud computing technique is better for back ups, because you lost your data but it still saves on your virtual machine. Read more about the best CPU for virtualization and enjoy more efficient performance!

Our Recommended list of the Best CPU for virtualization

  1. AMD Ryzen 9 5900X
  2. Intel Core i9-9900K
  3. Intel® Core i5-11400
  4. AMD Ryzen 5 5500
  5. Intel Core i9-12900K
  6. AMD Ryzen 7 5700X

1- AMD Ryzen 9 5900X 12-core Desktop Processor

AMD Ryzen 9 5900X 12-core Desktop Processor

Do you want to buy the best AMD CPU for virtualization? Then AMD Ryzen 9 5900X can be an ideal choice for you. An incredible desktop processor that is currently available on the tech market. Bundled with 12 cores and 24 threads which enables you to perform well in most demanded games of the world. 

This unlocked processor is ready to handle anything that you throw at it with the speed up to a 4.8 GHz. Ryzen 9 5900X is compatible with the motherboards of the 500 series. Comes with a CPU socket that is AM4 with which you can install it on PCB. 

AMD Ryzen 9 5900X can be used for virtualization, you can go for this CPU. Even if you want to design your gaming desktop then also you can consider. Plus, its unlocked design allows you to push its speed to the limit and enjoy your heart’s desired content. it has also supported by Radeon RX 6750 XT and other desktop processors like RTX 3090Ti , 3070 Ti and RTX 3080 Ti.

Furthermore, this desktop CPU offers exactly everything that you need to deliver elite performance in games. Supported memory is DDR-3200 that is good enough to run anything, even multiple operating systems. Supports maximum temperature 90 celsius that is fine for your computer system. 

PCIe 4.0 support enables you to use your latest GPUs and SSDs and enjoy their full potential. Some users do like that the CPU cooler is not included and also a bit more expensive as compared to its predecessor. Designed to deliver impressive application performance which allows you to enjoy anything that you can expect. 

2- Intel Core i9-9900K Desktop Processor

Intel Core i9-9900K Desktop Processor

Are you looking for such a processor that can satisfy all your gaming needs? Look no further than Intel Core i9-9900K. Intel designed it with all those specifications and features that an enthusiast can expect such as; more cores or high frequencies. 

Due to the improvements this CPU takes place on the list of mainstream processors of the tceh market. To keep up with the Ryzen processor this CPU comes with more cores as compared to previous-gen Coffee Lake. Intel 9th generation Core processor, a member of Coffee Lake refresh.

Furthermore, it took a step forward in a contentious battle so you have supremacy performance. Equipped with 8 cores and 16 processing threads that enhances computing speed. Comes with a clock speed of 3. 6 GHz that is good enough for gaming.

At top all, this overclockable and has a max Turbo frequency of 5. 0 GHz that fasts the speed of your commands. For better temperature management, you will see Solder Thermal Interface between the die and heat spreader. Give it a chance and level up your usage of the computer system.this is also compatible with CPU for deep learning .

Best of all, it is an ideal option for  dealing with both single and multi-threaded workloads. But what users are not liking is, its high price and cooling requirements, you need to buy a compatible CPU cooler. Also another con of the product is its power consumption under heavy loads that is a bit much. Cache memory of this desktop processor is 16 MB that improves the speed of your computer system. 

3- Intel® Core i5-11400 Desktop Processor

Intel® Core i5-11400 Desktop Processor

Do you want to buy a CPU that can deal with heavy applications? Then you choose Intel i5-11400. Because it is an equally perfect processor for both playing games and handling heavy applications. This is a latest addition in the Rocket Lake family and what attracts the users is its reasonable price. 

Engineered with 6 cores and 12 processing threads that give it enough power so it can cope up with multiple operating systems. Comes with the base clock of 2.60 GHz but is unlocked that enables you to push its limits up to 4.4 GHz. So its boosted clock speed enables you to enjoy long gaming sessions.

Also the i5-11400 CPU offers hyper-threading architecture that gives the capability to handle the heavy workload. For the more enhancements there are onboard graphics and turbo boost. Furthermore, the supported socket is the LGA-1200 which enables you to install it on your system. 

Equipped with 12 MB of L3 cache memory that improves the overall performance of your desktop. And also it allows you to rapidly retrieve the most used data. You must be focused on your CPU specifications especially when you want to use it for virtualization. 

Because with the wrong hardware you can not achieve the exact performance that you are looking for. This can be a perfect option to  run multiple platforms on a single computer system. Additionally, its 14 nm design offers great efficiency that improves computing and nimble processing. 

Best of all, Intel Ultra HD Graphics 730 controller is integrated which offers better graphics and visual quality. The experts consider its high power consumption a con of this processor. It has the capability of Solid gaming and application performance.

4- AMD Ryzen 5 5500 6-Core, 12-Thread Unlocked Desktop Processor

AMD Ryzen 5 5500 6-Core, 12-Thread Unlocked Desktop Processor

On our list of AMD Ryzen 5 5500 is another tier pack as the best desktop CPU for virtualization. This processor is not only for gaming but a better choice for other tasks. Delivers decent performance in non gaming jobs like virtualization. Which means it will offer you to take advantage of multiple platforms on one physical desktop PC. 

So if you are looking for a virtualization processor for your future desktop then you can trust ryzen 5 5500. Equipped with 6 cores and 12 processing threads which boost up your computer. As it supports faster memory that is why you will have overall quicker performance. 

Constructed with a small semiconductor of 7 nm so it reduces the power consumption. Best of all, it comes with Wraith Stealth Cooler so you do not have to spend your money for a CPU cooler separately. With this desktop processor, ready yourself for fast 100+ FPS performance in your favorite games. 

But keep in mind you need a discrete video card for incredible gameplay. Bundled with everything that you require for playing your favorite games or non gaming tasks. The unclocked design allows you to boost its performance after that you will have 4.2 GHz clock speed. That is good enough to satisfy all your demands. 

Plus, its 19 MB cache memory reduces the application loading time and improves overall computing speed. Supports DDR4 memory type with 3200 MHz speed that enables you to perform well. Comes with CPU socket AM4 which is the latest and helps you in installation on your system. 

5- Intel Core i9-12900K Desktop Processor

Intel Core i9-12900K Desktop Processor

Are you looking for the best Intel CPU for virtualization that handles the most demanding tasks? Look no further than Intel Core i9-12900K. Engineered with amazing features like 16 (8P+8E) cores. It is an  unlocked processor which means you can kick its speed up to 5.2 GHz. 

This is an ideal choice for gamers, power users, and anyone who requires fast usage experience from their computer system. You have enough power and have better control on your hardware due having unlocked multiplier. That enables you to customize your computer system with ease to get the best performance possible. 

Furthermore, this is a top-of-the-line desktop processor and worth your penny-penny. This CPU offers such power that you can take your gaming and creative work performance to the next level. Core i9-12900K is a perfect purchase for those who do not compromise on performance of their gaming system.

Designed with 30 MB of L3 cache that enables you to quickly and easily access data and improve its overall performance. The 10 nm design makes it power efficient so your system lasts for a longer time without getting overheated. Due to amazing features it will handle anything that you will throw at this processor. 

The CPU socket is LGA 1700 which allows you for easy installation on your system. Constructed with the Intel 7 Architecture that enhances performance per watt so your computer system can work efficiently. Best of all its power computation is less than its previous models. But it’s expensive and does not support Windows 10.

6- AMD Ryzen 7 5700X 8-Core, 16-Thread Unlocked Desktop Processor

AMD Ryzen 7 5700X 8-Core, 16-Thread Unlocked Desktop Processor

Do you want to buy a virtual processor but at a lower price? You must consider the AMD Ryzen 7 5700X. This processor has the ability to provide best performance but without breaking your budget. Since it is not very powerful to beat Intel new Alder Lake processors. 

Equipped with incredible features that make it strong enough and can deliver performance better as compared to the Ryzen 7 5800X. Constructed with 8 cores and 16 processing threads that push your computing for better performance. this powerful CPU also compatible with Radeon RX 6650 Xt and 6950 XT

Ryzen 7 5700X features plenty of performance so it can handle any task from content creation to gaming or virtualization. If you love to perform well in gaming then good news is here for you. This excellent processor allows you to perform an ultra-fast 100+ FPS performance in most demanded games. 

But you need a discrete graphics card with this processor to enjoy the best gaming performance. Based on AMD “Zen 3” architecture that shows its high value performance. Due to the unlocked design, you can overclock up to 4.6 GHz, which is enough for everything done by your system. 

Plus, its 36 MB cache space helps to make the process of application loading faster. Supported memory is DDR4-3200 and can do anything fast and quickly from gaming to virtualization. PCIe 4.0 support allows you to insert an SSD on it in a better way. With Socket AM4 it is compatible;e with X570 and B550 based motherboards. The only downside is the CPU cooler is not included for you to have it separately. 

Best CPU for Virtualization Buying Guide

Virtualization is an advanced process that is very common nowadays. because it is used to create virtual networks, storage capacities, and servers. The plus point is that it can be possible without spending extra  money on a separate physical system. 

But you need to be very careful while buying a CPU for virtualization. Below are some features that you really need to consider. Check them out and buy your best CPU for virtualization. 


First and foremost thing is to determine your purpose. There are 5 kinds of virtualization such as; Desktop, Application, Server, Network and Storage Virtualization. Because the type, brand, and price of your processor depends upon your purchase. Define your purpose than choose a CPU that will suit best with your requirements


A desktop processor that goes well for virtualization has more cores. How many CPU cores do I need for virtualization? Even a dual-core or quad-core CPU can run virtual machines. But for excellent performance you must have a CPU which has minimum 6 cores and upto 16 cores.

For 16 cores go for Intel Core i9-12900K it gives you incredible performance. AMD Ryzen 5 5500 has 6 cores and is also a good option to run a virtual machine.

CPU Clock Speed:

Another considerable feature is the clock speed of your desktop processor. It refers to how much time the tasks are performed by the particular CPU. That is why the overall performance of your CPU depends on its clock speed. 

For virtualization you can go for a CPU with 4.0 to 5.2 GHz clock speed. Intel Core i9-12900K Desktop Processor has clock speed up to 5.2 GHz which is fine for virtualization, but a less clock speed is preferred. 

Thermal Design Power:

While buying a desktop processor for your virtual machine you must look at its Thermal design power. Because it tells the max amount of heat that a processor can generate under heavy workload. Less TDP means excellent performance. Also you can tackle high TDP with a compatible CPU cooler. You can buy a CPU with 65 watts to 125 watts TDP for efficient performance. 

CPU Socket Compatibility: 

The desktop processors by AMD and Intel have a huge variety of socket compatibility. But the most common and latest CPU socket of AMD is AM4 and Intel LGA 1700. For installation of your CPU at PCB you must have a compatible socket. So check it before making your decision. 

AMD vs Intel 

AMD and Intel both are the leading names of the tech world for producing desktop processors and other computer hardware components. These CPUs are bundled with virtualization features such as Intel offers VT-x, VT-d and AMD’s processors have AMD-V and AMD-Vi.

One common feature that is offered by both AMD and Intel is memory space isolation. Intel provides NX features and AMD comes with XD, but both are the same. Both enable the CPU to not run code in protected areas. 

You can choose processors manufactured by AMD and Intel. The only factor that affects your choice is your required features and choice of hypervisor and its specific support for your CPU. Do you think ryzen is good for virtualization? Yes it is also a better option to run a Virtual machine. We also included a few options from the Ryzen series for the best CPU for virtualization. 


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