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Be quiet! Dark Power Pro 12 1500W Review

Are you tired of your gaming computer being shut down repeatedly? Then you really need to buy a new power supply unit for your computer. We are here to solve your problem, in this article we reviewed incredible PSU for PC, the be Quiet! Dark power pro 12 1500 watts. 

Be quiet! Dark Power Pro 12 1500W Review

Dark power pro is launched by a German brand, Be quiet, that is famous for production of PC cases, PSUs and cooling related items. You can also guess by the company’s name, be quiet! They are specially designed products that do quiet operation. 

Be quiet are trying to provide you with the i9-12900Ks best power supply units, till now they produced more than 3 dozen PSUs in 8 different series. They target the mainstream users and offer them a product that is well balanced of price and performance. 

If you are a seasonal gamer or just play for enjoyment? Then you really know how each component of your rig impacts the overall performance. That is why a power supply unit is a main part of your desktop because it gives power to your computer. So you have to be very careful while shopping for a PSU.

The Features

Let’s discuss dark power pro PSU, this is a pro power supply unit that comes with a long list of amazing features. Built with a 80 plus titanium efficiency rating and gives you an output of 1500 watts continuous of power. 

This item takes the performance of your computer to the next level. To maintain temperature comes a silent wings fan that dissipates the heat and cools down but without making noise. 

Are you thinking how much you have to pay for this awesome PSU? Do not worry you can get this PSU at a very affordable price. Be quiet launched this powerful power supply unit to compete with high end 1500 watts PSUs released a few years back that are available in the tech market. This PSU comes in 2 different capacities one is 1200 watts and second is 1500 watts but the other features are same in both variants. 

Comes with some specific features to XOC that make it more flexible and apt for the user. One of the key features is the overclocking key or OC jumper that is looked at by every gamer. This enables the dark pro 12 to shift on a single rail mode that you really need while running multiple GPUs tandem on LN2 or an XOC environment. 

So this is not suited for everyday single GPU gaming PC, this is a perfect option for XOC enthusiasts, large workstations with multi GPUs or power hungry processors. You can choose this PSU for rendering or offload processing because that needs a lot of available amps. 


Let’s discuss its design, it comes in a unique layered case that is black with smooth surface but sharp edges. The dimensions are ‎17.33 x 12.8 x 11.15 inches and weight is 14.92 pounds. Due to the large chassis it is not compatible with many small cases. You can  see an on/off button on the front size of the dark pro 12 and an ICE C19 connector available to be powered from a 115 volts AC source. A fan is available inside it for cooling purposes. 


Cabling is a very main factor that attracts the users, there are 3 different styles of cabling for power supply units like hard-wired cabling, partially modular cabling and third is fully modular. In modular cabling you have the full control on cables of your PSU, yes you are thinking right, each and every cable of the PSU can be removed, no cable is pre-connected. The fully modular ability allows you to attach or detach any cable according to your need. This modular style is the best feature of the dark pro 12. 


Another main factor of any power supply unit is its wattage. Because it is the maximum amount of watts that a PSU can supply under a 100 % load. The power supply units come with different watts that means they have capacity according to their wattages.

This quiet dark pro 12 comes in 1500 watts that means it can disturb up to 1500 watts power to each component of your computer system, that is more than enough for a normal computer, that is why it is best best suited for high level PCs. 


There are various types of certification of power supply units of the computer. The main types are 80 plus silver, 80 plus gold, 80 plus platinum and 80 plus titanium. A PSU comes in one of them certification and these certifications tell you how efficient is your PSU converting AC to DC power.

Also set a specific level of efficiency while working under 20 %, 50 %, and 100 %. The dark pro 12 comes with 80 plus titanium certification and it is efficient up to 94.9 % so that it can offer you a lot of benefits for your high end gaming rig, such as; less power consumption, cool and quiet working. The best thing is that it has 0.1 watts drain when it is idle. 


Are you thinking that if this cooler provides such amazing features then it will also get hot? But you do not need to worry, you can get all these features without overheating. To maintain the temperature of your PC the dark pro 12 comes with a cooling system. For this purpose there is a 135 mm frameless fan with silent wings.

Be quiet! Fan mounted on a tripod that improves the airflow to cool it down. Airflow optimised fan blade, advanced fluid dynamic bearing and 6 pole fan motor provide less vibration, long life and minimum power consumption. This 135 mm fan has 2600 rotations per minute, so you can imagine how fast it dissipates the heat from the case and improves the overall performance.

Digital Technology 

With dark pro 12 you can enjoy the most technology advanced power supply that has ever been built. With advanced digital full bridge, LLC and synchronous rectifier technology this Be quiet! PSU offers amazing signal stability and unbeatable power efficiency. To provide volts regulation under heavy load this is equipped with DC to DC conversion. Ensures reliable working for the high end processors and high end graphics cards


The manufacturer only uses the best and best components in dark pro 12,  built with exclusively quality japanese capacitors, rated to 105 degree temperature and ensures stability, reliability and long operations.


This power supply unit is especially designed for overlocking lovers, that is why it comes with 12 V rails. You can manually switch between default six 12 V rail mode and the massive single rail operation. 


While playing games or working you really need to pay full attention to beat your opponents. And you are thinking the fan will make noise while cooling, but no, you are wrong, Be quiet! Again won, because they use such a fan in dark pro 12 that does not make much noise while dissipating heat. The noise level of this power supply unit is LAMBDA-A- (25–30 dB[A]), so enjoy your favourite games without any distraction.


Thanks to Be quiet! With the dark pro 12 they give you different types of protections, so you can use your computer system without worries. These protections not only make the dark pro 12 power supply unit more durable but also increase its lifespan. This PSU offers following protections; over voltage protection, under voltage protection, over power protection, over temperature protection, overcurrent protection and short circuit protection. These protections give you more peace of mind, consider it once for your computer system, we are sure you will never regret your decision. 

Form Factor

Form factor of any component is a very important feature that you always have to look for, because it defines the physical shape. With a form factor you check the compatibility with your overall computer system further it will work for your gaming rig or not. The dark pro 12 comes with 2 form factors, one is ATX 12 V and version is 2.51, and the other form factor is EPS 12 V and 2.92 is its version. 


A power supply unit works like the core of heart for your computer system. This is such a part of a PC that is responsible to provide power to every component of the desktop. If your PSU is not running properly then it can crash your computer system. Your power supply unit should be strong and durable and also has a long life span. And Be quiet! Gives you peace of mind because with the dark pro 12 PSU they give you a warranty of 10 years.

Final Thoughts 

Be quiet! Dark pro 12 power supply unit is a tank of power that gives you next level performance for your multi GPUs system or power hungry processors. At a 50 degree normal operating temperature it works so smoothly and also while giving output of 1500 watts it does not heat up. 

After the performance i like its quiet operation, it does cooling without making loud,  it rotates so quietly so you never distract. This is capable to tolerant high operation temperature, but if you a normal computer like that requires less than 1000 watts we will not recommend you buy the dark pro 12 PSU because it will be wastage of money for extra features that are not even your need but yes it is a better option if you PC requires power of 1500 watts. Thanks for reading!

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