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14 Best Tutanota Alternatives (is Tutanota Safe)

Every type of corporate communication has its origins in email. The dependability and mobility of the communications received in one’s inboxes cannot be disregarded or compromised. You are a businessman of secure email with no compromises and want to protect your important emails.

For this, you want the end-to-end encrypted feature mails platforms. Email encryption makes sure that only the receivers of an email are allowed to view its contents. Any information in emails sent “in the clear” (unencrypted) and intercepted is accessible to hackers. 

However, those who own the decryption key are the only ones who can access email if it is encrypted. For You, Tutanota is a great tool in the Mail Communication category. Users love Tutanota for factors like:

  • Premium Offering
  • Team collaboration
  • Productivity 
  • Communication.

Email service with a stronger emphasis on maintaining secure communication is called Tutanota. Your privacy is also protected via encrypted emails. We have compiled a list of the top Tutanota alternatives if you’re keen to explore other comparable platforms. They are impressive and feature great options like tutanota for end-to-end encrypted emails. 


Tutanota is a web-based email service provider that is stored and encoded for business use and cannot be scanned. It was founded in 2011 in Hannover, Germany. End-to-end encryption is made incredibly easy by this. It’s a great end-to-end encrypted email platform, with 2 million users of this Amazing app. 

Everyone can save 1 GB of data for free, and security and safety are their top priorities. Your data is encrypted, so only you and your secret password can access it, making profiling impossible. It is the most streamlined and safe email program. This email app is one of the greatest secure email platforms. They are specially created for large associations and business visionaries to communicate safely by ensuring the privacy of the conversation.

Tutanota hosts all your business emails in Germany with end-to-end encryption, saving you time and money. We make it possible for your company to utilize the advantages of the cloud—availability, cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and automatic backup—without sacrificing security. You control your data with this app; no one else can access it. Use Tutanota to encrypt your business emails right away.

Plus, this app Tutanota offers users the possibility to safely manage all of their email accounts, whether personal or professional, from their domain name. The open-source email service is accessible on a variety of devices, including:

  • Mobile apps
  • Desktop
  • The web
  • Linux

Additionally, web, iOS, and Android applications can be used to access Tutanota’s encrypted letter box.

Best Tutanota Alternatives

  1. Zoho Mail
  2. Gmail
  3. Proton
  4. GMX
  5. Mailfence
  6. Yahoo Mail
  7. AOL Mail
  8. RMail
  9. Barracuda
  10. Spike
  11. Avanan
  12. Fastmail
  13. Hushmail
  14. Proofpoint

These Tutanota alternatives are some of the best for sending encrypted emails and protecting your data. Additionally hosting business emails, Tutanota offers users a positive user experience. Plus, it is simple to use and enables you to protect your emails from public scrutiny. We have prepared a list of the top Tutanota alternatives for you to consider, but you might be curious to check other comparable platforms.

1- Zoho Mail

Fast, secure, and ad-free hosting for business emails: A sophisticated webmail client, POP/IMAP access, a built-in calendar, notes, contacts, and tasks application are just a few features Zoho Mail offers. It effectively gathers your email messages from different accounts so you can examine them in one inbox.

Small businesses use it mostly because it is part of the solution packages to assist in developing bases, tracking expenses, and forecasting future project revenue. Like other email hosting systems, it allows you to send messages with attachments up to 20MB in size and see files without downloading.

With innovations like folder sharing and other features, Zoho Mail is also the new way to email. Other essential characteristics include an office suite, and the ability to support numerous accounts like: 

  • The absence of advertisements, 
  • A robust control panel, 
  • Mass section, a
  • Tabbed view, 
  • Multi-level folders, 
  • Anti-spam 
  • And anti-virus software, etc. 

Give it a try; it’s the best choice for everyone. Manage your company communications even when you’re not at your desk. Staying in touch while on the go is simple with the native mobile apps App store and Google Play for Mail, Mail Admin, and Streams.

2- Gmail

Gmail is a Google product that serves as an email service. It provides free webmail services and online email clients. In addition, IMAP and Postbox are available on this platform to deliver the finest email experience. Initially, it provides 15 GB of free storage for emails and files in addition to spam mail detection. 

Which includes the following features: 

  • Email strings as discussion, 
  • Mark and unmark, 
  • Read & unread, 
  • Delete, 
  • Move to spam, 
  • and Shift mail to other lists. 

This mailing platform was introduced by Google in 2004 and has since competed with a few other services, including Yahoo Mail.

More than 450 million users have used this site as their primary daily mailing service. Along with this, this platform also incorporates other Google services like Drive and Google. Additionally, Gmail provides a robust space of up to 30 TB for a premium plan.

3- Proton

Another effective Tutanota alternative is this one. Easy-to-use encrypted email services, VPNs, calendars, and storage devices are all provided by Proton. This email service assures the users’ privacy. You don’t need to worry because your data won’t go into the wrong hands. The foundation of it is “your data, your rules.” This implies that nobody can access your database—not even Proton.

Proton, established in Switzerland as opposed to Tutanota, a company based in Hanover, Germany, ensures that you control what happens to your data by adhering to Swiss privacy regulations. You may instantly export data from Google or other providers using Proton’s Easy Switch. Top scientists who met in 2014 at CERN developed this email service.

It was established to provide a more secure internet. Additionally, the program is open source, making it simple for anybody to use and rely on. Apart from its privacy guarantee, Proton is a terrific choice because it has more than 70 million registered users.

4- GMX 

A webmail service provider named GMX was established in 1997. The availability of GMX to its customers to access mail using webmail, POP3 and IMAP4 standards, or even both, is its basic component. However, its components go beyond just email and webmail. It coordinates the various functions and elements, including a coordinator, mail collector, record keeper, and address book.

GMX offers email creation in some domain extensions, including.com,.co.uk, and.us. A foundation for document sharing, spam and infection protection, drag and drop functionality for messages and files, and adding external POP3 accounts are further features of GMX.

5- Mailfence 

Mailfence is “Privacy is a right, not a feature.” After Edward Snowden’s revelations about widespread global spying in 2013 strengthened their commitment to offering a private, secure email service. Like Tutanota, Mailfence is a completely ad-free service that promises no third-party tracking or spamming. Additionally, there are no solicitations, backdoors, or government monitoring.

Users’ data is encrypted using Mailfence using end-to-end encryption (E2EE). Although user private keys are kept on the server, they are further secured by a passphrase, making it difficult for any outsider to access them. Mailfence, which is based in Belgium and is covered by its privacy rules, is not like Tutanota. 

It is challenging for the government to tamper with them because they are not affiliated with a foreign parent corporation. Overall, Mailfence is a fantastic replacement for Tutanota since it is safe, further secures data with two-factor authentication, and supports a variety of languages, including:

  • English, 
  • French
  • Espanol
  • Italiano
  • and others. 

Starting with a free plan and upgrading later is an option.

6- Yahoo Mail

Email service Yahoo Mail was created by Yahoo Inc. It started in 1997 and had over 271 million dynamic clients as of December 2014, making it the third-largest provider of email services worldwide. Its services are essentially available in two configurations for both individuals and corporations. In addition, people can use the services for no cost.

It offers an email connection restriction of 25 MB to 100 MB and a maximum email accumulating limit of 1. In addition, this mail service allows users to combine ten records into a single email. 

It provides:

  • Spam protection
  • Prepared talks
  • Challenging search options and topics. 

Yahoo Messenger, SMS, and Dropbox connection links are also included.

7- AOL Mail

AOL offers a free web-based email service called AOL Mail. While AIM is still AOL Instant Messenger, AIM Mail is another moniker for it. This mail platform is claimed to be among the world’s oldest email clients. It was distributed in 1993 and offered support in 54 languages. The most recent additions to its service are Quick Bar for sending messages, communications, and AOL IM messages within a zone.

There is also a framework for stacking messages’ graphics, connections, dates, and addresses. The basic technical characteristics are as follows:

  • An unlimited email storage limit, 
  • A 25 MB email connection limit, support for three popular email protocols (POP3, SMTP, and IMAP) 
  • Spam and infection protection, 
  • A spell-checking system
  • An AIM board 
  • An AIM letter drop
  • Email creation in five locations
  • Support for SSL and HTTPS and numerous other features.

8- RMail

Another option for Tutanota is RMail. RMail, a mail service launched in 2000, offers advantages such as end-to-end encryption, safe file sharing, and HIPAA privacy compliance. The capacity of this service to prevent data loss with its AI-infused safe email recommendations is an excellent feature that is found fascinating.

One RMail personal account costs as little as $7, making it among the most reasonably priced email services available. Our email service’s Human Error Prevention feature guards against impostor patterns and dangerous sites, protecting you from phishing, ransomware, corporate email compromise (BEC), and other cyberattacks.

In addition to working with any email account, including Microsoft Outlook, when you sign up for a free trial, you also get to benefit from sending five emails for free each month!

9- Barracuda

Barracuda is a tool that is comparable to Tutanota. This email service promises spam and virus filtering. In addition, companies can manage configuration centrally using cloud-based central management. This solution will be useful if you own a small or medium-sized business because it guarantees cost-effective IT service optimization. 

Additionally, there is Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), which shields users against targeted and zero-hour attacks. Along with thwarting such attempts, the results are incorporated into the Barracuda Real-Time Intelligence System, adding another layer of defense. Finally, Barracuda Central strengthens its online defense by accepting and analyzing data from more than 200,000 data collection points worldwide.

 Overall, this is a fantastic alternative to Tutanota for email services. Barracuda Central, a 24/7 advanced security center that continuously monitors and blocks the latest Internet dangers, provides support for all of the products, ensuring the security and privacy of your email.

10- Spike

Like Tutanota, Spike is a reliable instrument. This email service’s excellent collaborative function, which makes collaborating easier, is one of its best qualities for most enterprises and organizations. Emails are converted into simple conversation sessions by removing their stiffness and repetition. This distinguishing characteristic offers Spike an advantage over Tutanota.

Another feature of this email service is a more intelligent inbox that prioritizes messages. Spike’s intelligent Priority Inbox helps you focus while working by removing distractions. Important messages are presented to you first, and low-priority messages are set aside to be reviewed later. In addition, you can opt to write, edit, and share notes without leaving your inbox.

You and your team can edit, comment, chat, store files, and handle tasks in real time. Spike can help you organize and manage your daily activities and receive fast notifications after completing a task if you struggle with procrastination.

Overall, Spike is a fantastic choice for both people and companies. It is a useful tool for your team and great for collaboration. Spike converts emails into simple conversation sessions by removing the stiffness and repetition of emails. Like Tutanota, the tool is compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows devices and offers a free subscription option.

11- Avanan

The simplicity of installation is one outstanding benefit that we find intriguing about Avanan. You can securely set up this service in about five minutes, just like Tutanota! Additionally, their services are available to everyone and effective for small and large enterprises. Users can get its advanced protection offer for $6 or as little as $3.60 monthly.

Avanan is the pioneer among several cutting-edge email security providers. It was the first to use genuine machine learning to identify attacks that Google Suite and Microsoft had overlooked. Before you sign up, you may enjoy a 14-day free trial!

2- Fastmail

FastMail is a company that offers online email services and has the most dependable and safe environment for business. Many businesses have chosen this platform since it is free, of the highest quality, and safe and secure. In addition, it provides trustworthy junk mail insurance. Since 1999, it has been a provider of email services to individuals and organizations.

Services on this platform are offered in 36 different languages. It is thought that this platform offers rapid, dependable, and secure email services. However, there is no platform for continuous email included. 

However, many of the same elements remain, such as

  • Availability Contact services
  • Draughts
  • Sharing
  • Coordination
  • Tools for communication
  • greater email speed
  • plus a lot more.

You can customize the URL for your company, and other features like fully functional calendars and a quick, user-friendly interface are available to you as a business owner. In general, Fastmail is a fantastic choice for your email requirements. It has been praised in Forbes, The Verge, Gizmodo, and Engadget as a privacy-first email service. It may be used on a phone or tablet and offers a 30-day free trial.

13- Hushmail

An online email service provider is called Hushmail. It offers service providers for document archiving, PGP-encoded email, and vanity areas. One of its strongest security features is hidden IP addresses in email headers. All mail records can be stored in a total of 25 MB of space, but if a user does not upgrade to the commercial edition, all that data will be erased after three weeks.

There are currently two versions accessible. The Desk edition has 10 GB of space in addition to IMAP and POP3 services, while the Premium version has 1 GB of record space. The nicest thing about this mailing platform is that, because of its top-notch security features, it doesn’t compromise the security and privacy of its users.

Hushmail makes it simple for you to set up your email in just a few minutes, similar to Tutanota. It is also reasonably priced, and you have the option of a monthly payment schedule or a yearly subscription with a free month. 

14- Proofpoint  

Email users have access to the highest level of protection against internet threats through a Proofpoint service. MexusAL, a cutting-edge machine learning tool, designed its email security. Proofpoint also has email filtering options for blocking spam, graymail, and other unwelcome interruptions, providing users with the best possible online experience.

The program also allows you to conduct smart searches, including difficult-to-find log data, among other search parameters. A simple email recipient or sender search is also possible. Additionally, you may protect the data in Microsoft 365. Google Suite, as well as other cloud-based programs.

The 30-day free trial and 24-hour minimal configuration are Proofpoint’s best features. This platform, similar to Tutanota, can be used by small business owners to promote:

  • Collaboration 
  • Tracking 
  • Archiving 
  • And automating social activity.

Final Thoughts

Security is your primary concern when choosing an email provider, and there is not much better than Tataota. The services of Tutanota are affordable and incredibly easy to access. But its alternatives are great and offer the same features as Tutanota. These provide free email services and are completely end-to-end encrypted to protect your private data.  

Proton, Gmail, Yahoo, GMX, and others are much the same as tutanota and provide an open source email. Yahoo and Zoho mail is an excellent choice for teams and small businesses. Tuntanota does the trick if you all want a safe way to communicate with friends or coworkers.


What does “Tutanota” Mean in context?

The Latin words “tuta” and “nota,” which make up the word “tutanota,” signify “secure message.”

Is Tutanota Compliant with the GDPR?

Yes, any business wishing to employ a GDPR-compliant email service should choose Tutanota as their encrypted email provider.

Can my Business use Tutanota?

Yes, secure business email accounts with tons of white-label modifications are available from Tutanota. For example, with a white-label domain, you may add the login for your staff straight to your website. In addition, secure Connect, an open source encrypted contact form offered by Tutanota, enables customers to contact you privately and directly from your website.

The Times of the Events on your Calendar Vary Somewhat between devices. How can this be fixed?

Please verify that your devices’ time zones, including daylight saving time, are in sync. When the resist fingerprinting option is enabled in about: config for Firefox/Tor, the browser’s time zone is automatically reset to UTC, which causes sync problems.

Whose Alternative is the Same As the Tatanota?

Zoho Mail and Proton Mial are the same work as Tutanota. 

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