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Stores like Poshmark (Poshmark Alternative Websites)

Are you the kind of person who considers replacing a wardrobe a bit annoying? However, it is essential to do that, and what if you can do that and earn too. If you want to sell or purchase online fashion clothes to strive toward sustainability. Stores like Poshmark are the biggest platform that can help you regarding this. Poshmark is a website that helps you to sell and buy fashion.  

These types of companies are considered environmentally friendly polluting industries. Because these brands stop the degradation of the environment in the process. Hence, you can take part to make a difference in the society by purchasing used apparel that looks almost new. Plus it will not burn a hole in your pocket which can be possible if you buy from a high end mall shelves.

Best Stores and Websites Like Poshmark

Here is the list of best alternative websits like poshmark

  • ThredUP
  • Vinted 
  • Tradesy 
  • Depop
  • Heroine 
  • Mercari 
  • The RealReal
  • Grailed 
  • Vestiaire Collective
  • Worthy


If you are looking for a few websites like Poshmark. It is probably possible that you are considering selling and purchasing clothes and other accessories. So regarding this the most famous site is Poshmark. Generally, this company is a well known social commerce marketplace. Where anyone can purchase and sell secondhand and new fashion and home goods too. 

Stores like Poshmark are very passionate about serving people to find affordable fashion items. This platform claims that they have over 80 million clients, with 200M plus available listings. As of 31 December, 2021 the Poshmark marketplace has a 1.8 billion dollars GMV. But why only stop on Poshmark, scroll down to know about other similar stores.


The mission statement of Poshmark is to put humankind at the heart of commerce and empower people to thrive. Poshmark was founded by Chandra, Gautam Golwala, Tracy Sun,  Chetan Pungaliyain and Zevi Segal in  2011  in Manish’s garage.  As of November 2017 the company claims bringing their total  to 160 million dollars to the date. 

On 18 March 2018, Poshmark announced that they have tied with world-renowned programmers like Zevi Segal and Rafi Cornick. On 22 May 2018, Poshmark’s CEO said in an interview that Poshmark’s launch sellers had earned 1 billion dollars by selling clothing and accessories till the date. 

After getting a good response by people on 11 June, 2019, they launched its Home category. Where everyone can purchase  and sell home decor pieces and appliances. Till they have many categories on the website so the people can sell and buy according to their need. Also this set up helps them to make the environment eco friendly. The headquartered of Poshmark in Redwood, California and offices are in 

  • Vancouver
  • Canada
  • Melbourne
  • Australia
  • Chennai

International Expansion

After a warm response from people Poshmark decided to expand their business internationally. In May 2019 they announced their first international expansion to Canada. As of May 2021, poshmark claimed that they have over 2.5 million users in Canada. Furthermore, after a huge success they are expanding their wings to many countries including:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • India

However, unfortunately, they do not offer internationally, the only people can use their services who live in these countries. Otherwise the only way to purchase from them is to ask your friend who lives there. The person buys for you and parcel your order to your postal address. 


Best of all, Poshmark is running the app for both android and Apple devices. All you need to do is to go to the Play store or Apple store and download and install the official Poshmark application of Poshmark. All set to explore the new world of fashion and trend, which is affordable for everyone for sure. What clothing brands sell best on poshmark, you have categories which offer by Poshmark are:

  • Women
  • Men
  • Kids
  • Makeup
  • Electronics
  • Home goods
  • Pets
  • Handbags
  • Shoes
  • Accessories


Poshmark is a marketplace where you can purchase, sell and discover trendy fashion, beauty, home decor and more. All services you can avail by Sign up on the website or application. This social marketplace is a way to join millions of people with all things and style. To give you more choices the have collaborated with many other brands, some of them are:

  • Nike
  • Michael Kors
  • lululemon athletica
  • Louis Vuitton
  • PINK 
  • Victoria’s Secret
  • Chanel
  • Coach

How Does It Work

People do not consider Poshmark just a shopping destination, it is something more for a reason. Their vibrant community is powered by millions of sellers and buyers. Who not only purchase or sell their personal style, however they are connected with the incredible shopping experiences of the world. You must want to know about how it works. Let’s dive into it!

For A Seller

There are 2 kinds of people who use the platform of Poshmark. And it works differently for both. Let’s check out the steps that you need to go through as a seller on Poshmark. 

  • Sign up on the website or application of Poshmark
  • List the selling product, for that take its photo
  • upload to your closet right from your phone within 60 seconds
  • The next step is to Share your listings to the network so  the shoppers can discover
  • The final step is to earn cash, there will be pre-paid label on your product, when someone order it, you will get your amount but when the product delivered and accepted


If you want to know how to have a successful Poshmark store. Here is a tip for you, if you follow it you will increase the chance of your sale. If you do share more automatically you will have more sales.

Also you need to keep in mind that Poshmark takes some percentage. For all sales under 15 dollars the company will take a flat commission of 2.95 dollars. Poshmark gives you 80 percent of your sales and keeps the rest of 20 percent as commission.

For A Buyer

So the second type of user on Poshmark is a buyer, who visits the site to get the stuff of his choice and as per the budget. But the buyers have to follow some different steps as compared to the seller. Poshmark works differently for a buyer and you need to follow below mentioned steps:

  1. Sign up on website
  2. Discover items (you have a wide selection of products across thousands of different brands)
  3. Everything available at up to 70% off
  4. Find your perfect look by personalized recommendations of millions stylists
  5. Place your order 
  6. You will receive your order within 2 business days 
  7. After get your parcel, if you love it then  leave a note to encourage the seller

Positive Highlights 

Let’s check out some positive points, that are reason to explore Poshmark

  • Budget friendly 
  • Protected payments 
  • Expedited shipping 
  • Free authentication  
  • Eco friendly
  • Quick cash
  • Growing community 
  • Earn money

Negative Highlights 

There are always some negative aspects due to them you need to avoid the platform. So here a few negative points:

  • Reliability 
  • Customer service
  • Seems Poshmark is biased toward sellers 
  • Available in less countries
  • Poshmark is a huge times suck monster
  • More effort to make more sales
  • Possibly oversaturated
  • Shipping cost
  • Higher seller fee

What Are other Sites Like Poshmark 

Due to some reasons you do not want to use poshmark, one of the main causes can be it not being available where you live. but you want to make money by decluttering unnecessary clothes and accessories. do not need to get disappointed because there are many platforms available that work like Poshmark. Scroll down to know about the best options that are available on your table!

1- ThredUP

If you are searching for an alternative to Poshmark then you can consider thredUP. This is an online marketplace where you can find tons of brands. Mainly thredUP focus on the luxury brands so everyone can afford such luxurious products. Because the prices are slashed by half. 

Now products that you see at high end malls can try them out without hole in your pocket. Also they facilitate the seller by providing a seller estimator on their site.  Which allows the sellers to get an estimate of how much they can earn by selling their clothes. Plus, if your products won’t sell you can ask ThredUP to return them to you or recycle them. 

2- Vinted 

Websites like poshmark and mercari are the biggest online marketplaces. However Vinted is also a well known online community which deals with pre-loved fashion. They claimed that they have over 25 million users who buy second hand clothes from them. You can find thousands of different brands there.

Also you can start selling by using this platform by signing up on their website and app for free. When you list your products there, they will not charge you any money. What to do, you just need to:

  • take photos of your items 
  • write down a short description about it, 
  • set your price and press the upload button

When someone buys your product you need to follow some shipping instructions and you can do it. At top of all, Vinted does not take commission which means you will get all your earnings. 

3- Tradesy 

If you are already selling or buying your unnecessary clothes, buy using any online marketplace. Then you must have heard about Tradesy, this is one of the most famous resale marketplaces. This platform helps millions of people to flip their wardrobe and access luxury brands at a very reasonable price. 

Tradesy is also a way to contribute toward a greener environment. In the year of 2019 they got sales of 1 billion dollars which shows how many people trust this platform. Due to their growing popularity they expand their collection of used products such as; clothes, accessories, shoes and bags. 

4- Depop

If You want to know about online stores like Poshmark you can consider Depop. This platform works just like the other similar companies for selling clothes. But what makes it distinct is that it does things more interestingly by adding social elements. 

On the website you have a unique selection and you can get an amazing shopping experience. You can find new friends and also can see what they are buying and selling. Also you can join creative and fashion influencers while making a friendly ecosystem. 

5- Heroine 

People who want to enhance their fashion sense, we recommend them to explore Heroine. This platform claims that their website is one of the must visit sites. It is not only an online marketplace but also Heroine known as a robust content platform. 

Best of all,they encourage people to contact each other. Allows the sellers to find new homes to drop their old clothes and get cash from them. Here you have a vast community of lovers of fashion so you can use it as an extra source of income. 

6- Mercari 

If you want to find sites like poshmark for home decor then you can consider Mercari. On this selling app you can purchase and sell secondhand products by using their platform. In the year of 2019, Mercari won the best seller choice Award because it is the easiest platform to use. 

Mercari is something more about a one stop shop. You can use their platform to buy luxury fashion items at huge discounted prices. Furthermore, they offer sellers to list their products on their website for free for cost. However, you have to pay 10 percent selling charges, which is considered quite reasonable. 

7- The RealReal 

If you want to know other online stores like poshmark, look no further than the RealReal. This online marketplace is known for its revolutionized fashion. They educate the fashionistas to sell their unused or unnecessary clothes and accessories. The benefit to reselling your stuff is to circular the fashion. 

On their websites you can have many of your desired items from luxury brands. If you buy from them ultimately you are helping them to earn some extra cash. You do not have a better option than the RealReal when it comes to authenticated luxury. 

8- Grailed 

Do you think that men do not need to declutter their wardrobe? If you think like that then you might be wrong. So for  those men who want to get rid of unnecessary clothes then Grailed will cover you in the best way. This platform is especially designed for men so they can purchase, sell or discover trendiest menswear. 

On this website you will have a wide selection of both used and brand new men’s clothing. Their strict authentication makes them special as compared to the other similar brands. They make sure that every single item of their website you can not see on any other marketplace. They have a growing community which helps in authenticating products. 

9- Vestiaire Collective

Do you have a closet and jewelry box full of luxury brands products and you want to declutter them? Then Vestiaire Collective suits you perfectly. You can trust this marketplace to sell and buy luxury goods. You can start earning there easily, you just have to send a photo with a short description of your luxury products. 

Company will review them, once it gets approved people can discover them. When your product is sold out, they check authentication once again, then tell you to deliver it. Their commission rate is from 18 to 34 percent depending upon the value of the product. 

10- Worthy 

Are you in search of such a platform where you can sell your high end watches and jewelry? Then you can trust the platform of Worthy by putting your products on Worthy for sale. Unlike the website it does not have many similarities with Poshmark, because mainly it focuses on selling jewelry. 

The lovers of high end jewelry, a bit differently from the other above mentioned stores. However, it auctions off the items to the vetted buyers of jewelry. If you want to list your product on this marketplace, then it must be 1000 dollars. The luxury product will be reviewed by a third party authenticator then you will send it to Worthy marketplace.


The process of decluttering your wardrobe and home appliances is quite  difficult for everyone. Whenever you think about getting rid of them because you have the same few clothes, and accessories like shoes and bags. But you think that like-minded people must have their own type of things. For  millions of people such sites and applications like Poshmark are a lifesaver. 

Because you can sell your unnecessary accessories and earn some money with that you can explore new fashionistas. what brands are trending on poshmark, above mentioned all stores like Poshmark are amazing. 

You can try any of them and can set your wardrobe with a new collection or decor your house with trendy accessories. Plus, by using such platforms you can take part in marking the environment eco-friendly. 


Let’s check out some frequently asked questions about stores like Poshmark:

Which is Easier: Poshmark or Mercari?

After exploring both, we concluded that Poshmark is easier than mercari. 

Why Are the Delivery Charges of poshmark Higher?

They charge  $7.45 up to 5 lb because they use only  USPS Priority Mail service for fast delivery. Which takes only 1 to 3 business days to deliver your parcel at your doorstep. 

What is a lowball offer Poshmark?

Any item that is available at Poshmark at equal to or less than half price that you asked for is called a low ball offer. 

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