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10 Best Secret Messaging Apps (Cheating, Hidden Chat, iPhone, Android)

Did you ever think about how secure your messages are? If not, then you should go through it at least once. As in this era of data, your stuff is one of your biggest assets. We know that Facebook, Instagram etc are top social media apps. They claim that it offers security protocols and the best privacy. However, with time the measures get changed that is why they should be up to date. 

To protect graphics, your conversations and to activate auto-destruction in messages that you exchange with your friends and family. Must be protected so to ensure your security you should use a secure platform. The market is full of such apps that give you full protection regarding your texts. In this article, we compile a list of Best Secret Messaging Apps. check them out and choose the most suitable option for you!

What Is A Secret Messaging App

Secret messaging apps are known as private chat apps too. These apps use end-to-end encryption. Instant messaging apps are one of the most convenient ways to communicate with your friends and family and for free as well. However, there are some instant messaging apps where your privacy can easily be compromised. 

Due to the advantages of these platforms you have to use them for communication. At the same time you really do not want to give your private messages to anyone whom you do not trust. In order to do this, secret messaging apps lie and their demand is increasing day by day. These apps you can use on your Apple or Android device, no restriction for the platform. 

Furthermore, if you want to hide your text conversations from anyone. To help you in this situation there are many apps available that look like a gaming app. By using them, no one can suspect that you are using an additional chat app. Such apps are designed with icons which look just like the icons of a game. That is why even if they glance at the screen of your phone, they can not realize that you are using a chat app. 

Plenty of secret apps is your best tool to ensure your privacy because it prevents third parties from reading your texts. So if you want to hide your texts for ethical or unethical purposes, these apps are worthy consideration. Below, we will give you a few options that work great and offer full protection to your data.

What Makes Secret Messaging Apps Secure?

End to end encryption makes secret messaging apps secure. That completely secure your data throughout the entire journey from sender to receiver. Your data is encrypted at the time of sending, it only decrypts at its destination. Which means there is no in between point during this process where anyone else can access your data. 

Another benefit of end to end encryption is that it does not allow the messaging app to store copies of your messages on their server. Data breach is a cyber attack which is used to expose protected, confidential, or sensitive information to an unauthorized person. In case of data breach, even the leaked conversations will be protected. 

Positive Highlights 

For the communications you must prefer a secure way, and nothing is better than a secure messaging app. Your texts will not be shared with anyone as they will be end to end encrypted. You can trust these platforms they will not leak out. Let’s check out some advantages of secret messaging apps!

  • Offers a wide range of benefits 
  • These apps are a way to curate content for a group of followers.
  • Some certain apps give the ability to share anything anonymously
  • Provide you a degree of impermanence to what you share
  • Content may self-destruct once viewed or if after a predetermined passage of time
  • Secret messaging apps are very reliable 
  • Prevents unintentional sharing by giving a separate chat button 
  • Such app provide feature “delete for everyone” to unsend content that you send by mistake 
  • Most apps are easy to use and convenient
  • Available for free
  • Optimized for mobile use

Best Secret Messaging Apps

  1. Signal Private Messenger
  2. Wire
  3. Wickr Me
  4. Viber
  5. Telegram
  6. Whatsapp
  7. Smiley Private Texting App
  8. Secret Messenger
  9. Calculator Pro+
  10. Silence Private Messenger

Never compromise on your data and messages’ privacy, because it contains some sensitive information. In order to do this, you must have a secret messaging app on your phone as an extra layer of security for your private messages. We shortlisted a few Best Secret Messaging Apps for your know-how. So that you can pick the right app for you that suits your requirements. Without further wait, let’s dive into it!

1- Private Texting Apps to Try

1.1- Signal Private Messenger

For those who are looking for one of the best apps for secret texting, Signal Private Messenger is a quite good option. With this app you can instantly communicate and also it allows you to hide text messages. While using this application not only you can have a secure platform for communication but can avoid SMS fees. 

Enables you to create groups so you can chat in real time with people of your choice at once. Not only does it support text messages, you can also share media to your buddies while ensuring complete privacy. Due to the advanced end-to-end encryption protocol even the server of the app can not access your data at any point from sending to receiving. 

Using your existing address book and mobile you can hide messages. There is no requirement of username and password to login even without needing to manage PINs. All you need to use this app is only your phone number. Compatible with iOS and Android, download it from Play store and Apple store without much effort or investing money. 

Top Features 

  • Supports audio call 
  • Chats are protected with advanced end-to-end encryption protocol
  • Open-source peer-reviewed cryptographic protocols
  • Messages are not even saved over the servers of app


  • Poor calling quality 
  • Sometimes this app can crash on mid range smartphones

1.2- Wire

Wire is another encrypted messaging application that is a perfect solution to manage businesses and organizations that are reliant on communication. With this application they can secure their sensitive messages and other information. As this app encrypts all your data that is why it is known as a true secret messaging app.

If you are using Wire for communication, your conversion will be protected according to the European privacy laws. Also through this app you not only communicate but also can share files and make calls. All will be secure and always in sync. Compatible platforms are Android and iOS, easy to download from Play store and Apple store

Top Features 

  • End to end encryption 
  • You can login with multiple accounts
  • Independently audited 
  • Open source 
  • Allows file sharing 
  • Support both audio and video calling 


  • To login you need to give your personal information
  • Better option for corporate market instead of individuals 
  • Quality of images and videos not so good

1.3- Wickr Me

If you are looking for an app that offers encrypted calling then you can consider wickr Me. Allows you to connect with your friends individually or in groups instantly. You can make video or audio calls with them or can send text messages. At top of all, all these will be end-to -end encrypted. 

Also they recently did an addition of a feature that enables you to share media and files. Wickr Me gives you full control of your privacy, which means you can select who can have access to your data. And how long your data will be accessible for them. To download and install it go to the Apple store and Play store

Top Features 

  • Comes  with configurable expiration timer
  • Supports end to end encryption
  • You can create groups
  • Overwrites on all the content which has been deleted 


  • Limited number of members for a group 
  • Can not syncing on multiple devices

2- Apps With Hidden Chat Feature

2.1- Viber 

Comes among the most famous apps for video chat, viber is known as a secret messaging app. This is a very popular app because it is a simple, secure, easy to use and fast option. You can enjoy audio, video call, text messages and sharing media at free of cost. They claim that currently there are over 1 billion people globally who are using this app. 

If you are looking for a secure app for high quality calling, texting and sharing media, we recommend you to try out viber. With a stable WiFi connection or mobile data, you are good to go. Support end to end encrypted protocol, also you can create various groups of your friends for gossip or to discuss something at once. Visit Play store or App store on your mobile to easily download it for free. 

Top Features 

  • Can start a community of unlimited number of members
  • Tons of stickers and GIFs available
  • Features Self-Destruct for secret chats
  • Completely sync with your tablets and desktops


  • Not available in all countries
  • Does not support call blocking 

2.2- Telegram 

Telegram is one of those messaging apps which support advanced end to end encryption. It is a famous encrypted messaging app with hidden features. Connects people with each other even if they are using a distributed network of data around the globe. They claim that there are more than 400 million users using this app. 

Telegram supports data sync, which means your account is easily accessible from numerous devices. Allows you to share photos, videos and documents with friends and family, and there is no limit of their type or size. Your entire chat does not need any disk space on your mobile device. To download it just go to the Apple or Play store, it is available for free. 

Key Features

  • Supports multiple accounts
  • Provide unlimited text and media sharing
  • Uses 256-bit symmetric AES
  • Give tools for editing of your videos and photos


  • Poor quality of media
  • Sometimes telegram crashes specially on low end mobile devices

2.3- Whatsapp

The most popular secret texting app for android is Whatsapp. We guess there is no one who is not familiar with this app. This cross platform messaging application is well known because it offers incredible features. You can easily share images, videos, files or documents over the internet. 

In the past, they faced controversy after they encrypted it end-to-end. Also they offer some other features that make it super secure. Even in order to hack your Whatsapp, even the hackers can not decrypt your conversations. It is not available for individuals, also, they cover small businesses by providing them Whatsapp Business version. Android and iOS both users can download it easily from Play and Apple store

Top Features 

  • You can share various multimedia files
  • Available in both Web and phone versions
  • Group calling and texting 
  • End to end encrypted 


  • Missing face filters
  • Self-Destructing Messages
  • Whatsapp calling not available in all countries

3- Secret Messaging Apps for iPhone

3.1- Smiley Private Texting App

One of the most popular secret messaging apps is Smiley Private messenger. Features almost all the similar specifications that are having by the other texting applications. Which means by using this app you can text your friends and family. Also this app ensures that your messages can not be hacked. 

However, its login method is a bit different, you need to get a subscription and then they will give you a private number. Also you can password protect your chat threads and see by recipients. The only downside of this texting application is, it is only available on iOS devices. Easy to download and install by visiting the Apple store easily for free. 

3.2- Secret Messenger

If you are a user of iOS and looking for the best secret texting apps for your iphone. Then you can consider secret messenger, it is very popular because its features are amazing and easy to use interface. Its functionalities and clean look attracts the users towards it. This free-to-download app you just have to open Apple store on your device. 

Comes with an amazing feature that is known as timed messages, which enables you to set a timeframe, which means when the messages can be available. After that timeframe expires, the messages will delete automatically. There will be no trace of conversion even on your phone and the receiver. This app allows you to make video and voice calls as well. 

4- Cheating Secret Messaging Apps That Look Like Games

4.1- Calculator Pro+

Do you want to know the best secret chat apps then look no further than Calculator Pro+. Because it makes your chats super private and popular secret messaging apps. It is a totally hidden app as it hides all your texts and calls. Concept of this app is simple: you need to enter a passcode into the calculator of your phone to access it. 

Then a new window pops up on your screen that contains all the secret messages. In short, you can customize its icons to give it a look of a game that makes it more fun and private. This app only provides security for the added contacts and other messages you receive in the default app. Allows you to add anyone as a private contact only that person’s message will come into Calculator Pro+. 

Key Features

  • Passcode protected screen
  • Custom notifications 


  • Not completely free of cost
  • You face slightly delay in sending and receiving messages

4.2- Silence Private Messenger

Silence is another private messenger that enables you to enjoy in the way that offers other usual third party chatting app perks. Which means you can instant texting, videos, photos and voice recordings too. But availability of code auditing for every single contact makes it secure. Otherwise its working is the same as the other messaging app and does not request for account registration. 

Even we can say that Silence is a bit straightforward in how to use it as compared to the other private texting app. It is a multi-faceted, fast and secret app you can enjoy conversions with your friends without spending any cost. Supports several platforms such as; OS, Android, Windows and Mac. no matter which operating system you are using, just visit the application store on your device and easily download it. 

Worst private messaging apps

The above mentioned secret messaging apps come in the top category. They all are good and worthy considering you can try them out confidently. However, where you have great options on your table, there are some worst choices. 

We recommend you do not try them, as if you have the best encrypted apps there are some such applications that you have to avoid. Below are those apps, do not consider them because such applications do not protect your data end to end encryption! Let’s dive into it!

  • GroupMe 
  • Instagram
  • Kik Messenger 

Encrypt all your data with a VPN

In this era of data you can not compromise the safety of your personal info or other data. You never want to share your personal chat, passwords or any sensitive information with the person you do not trust. Online security and privacy is extending day by day. That is why you always go for the super protected app to ensure your security. 

However, still the hackers try to find any way to steal your data. Public WiFi exposes your information. And also your internet provider can monitor your online activities. That is why we recommend you to encrypt your entire internet connection. 

Download AVG Secure VPN for your desktop PC to avail encryption of your online connection. By doing this you will be able to ensure your  personal data and messages are secure. You can download it simply for Mac, Android and iOS  also they offer a free trial.  


You can not sacrifice your data and privacy, for your convenience there are plenty of secret messaging apps. These applications are the best tool to protect your communication. You should always go for an app which is completely end to end encrypted. If it is, your data will be fully protected. 

It will never get leaked during the entire journey from sending to receiving. In this article, you have learned about top 10 secret messaging apps. Above mentioned all apps are completely encrypted, however they have their own features and benefits and simultaneously cons. 

But the most  considering point is how secure it is. So whenever you want to try out any private messaging app, check its security mechanism first. Go for an app which perfectly fulfills your needs as well as offers end to end encryption. Have a FUN with best buddies and family without worrying about privacy. 


For your more information below are some frequently asked questions about best secret messaging apps. Let’s check them out!

What is the Best Secret Chat App?

According to the experts, the most famous private chat app is Signal Private messenger.

Which is the Best Chatting App That looks like Games?

Calculator Pro+  is the best private chatting app that looks like games. 

Which Private Texting App Can Not Be Traced?

OneOne is the latest app that is available for Android and iOS, provides private and untraceable” text messaging, that means it can not be traced. 


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