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Best Projector Under 1500 (4K, Home Theater, 1080p)

Let’s find out what are the recommended option for the Best Projector Under $1500.

Projectors take images generated by computers or Blu-ray players and reproduce them with projection onto screens. They allow everyone in the room to see your presentation on a large, flat surface without having to be near it! 

In addition, the projector can produce either still (slides) animation videos depending upon what you need for display purposes. A few pounds lightweight, easily portable size makes this fantastic device perfect whether at homework, school office classroom, etc…

Projectors are the perfect addition to any home theater setup. They can be used for anything from showing presentations in your living room all day long, playing games during family trivia night, or just relaxing with some Netflix & Chill after work every Friday!

In most cases, projectors produce still images. Still, they also have moving capabilities, so you’re never bored while watching what’s projected onto a large screen – even if it is only doing this one thing brilliantly well.

Our recommended list of the Best Projector Under 1500

  1. Epson Pro EX9220 WUXGA 3
  2. Optoma X600 XGA Projector for Business
  3. BenQ TH685 1080p Gaming Projector
  4. LG PF50KA Portable Full HD Projector
  5. ViewSonic PG800HD 5000 Lumens 1080p
  6. Optoma UHD30 True 4K UHD Gaming Projector
  7. Optoma HD28HDR 1080p Home Theater Projector

1- Epson Pro EX9220 WUXGA 3

Epson Pro EX9220 WUXGA 3

The Epson Pro EX9220 is one of the best projectors available for consumers these days, and it’s great because you can get excellent picture quality at a low price. 

One special feature about this product that makes it stand out among other devices like lasers or LEDs, which would be too bright when used with lights off in your home theater setup (for example), are its photosensors; they reduce light levels from screens by up to 50%, so electricity consumption goes down!

This projector is the perfect tool for any professional or home user looking to create their videos. It features easy video editing options, which has been one of its most popular outcomes because users can adjust the aspect ratio and other settings without having prior experience with this type of technology!

With the introduction of this device, you can now do more than ever before. The large LCD panel provides a crisp and clear viewing experience that will not let your eyes tire from reading text or looking at pictures; there’s also an infrared illuminator so that nighttime navigation is easy as pie!

Not only does it have all these amazing features, but its keyboard has full QWERTY capabilities along with dual headphone sockets just in case someone needs noise-canceling headphones while doing work-related activities like writing reports.

With dual headphone sockets onboard, both listening pleasure (wired) or speaking ones can happen simultaneously without any worries about getting cut off because one socket is used exclusively by either type of headset/headphones combo. At the same time, another provides additional audio feeds like voice directions during navigation if equipped, which saves driver attention wisely since he doesn’t have too many things else going.


  • High-quality
  • Bright
  • Portable

2- Optoma X600 XGA Projector for Business

Optoma X600 XGA Projector for Business

The Optoma X600 projector is a great choice for an all-purpose device. It has some cool features that make it perfect in professional and personal settings. Its ability to display HDR images or create up to 400 nits of brightness without causing discomfort to your eyes!

The resolution is high on this projector, at an impressive 7 inches per eye! In addition, it comes with VGA or DVI input and can be connected through HDMI. As a result, you’ll have crystal clear images that show off what your screen has to offer – don’t miss out when you’re looking for something great!.

The Optoma X600 projector has fantastic picture quality. It’s capable of displaying deep, rich colors with great accuracy and reliability in all zones – red zone included! Furthermore, the arrangement is such that it provides you not just an accurate representation but also extra black areas for added immersion when watching movies or games on this device.

It also includes several other features like McAree filter technology which helps reduce ghosting effects while maintaining clarity during video playback at higher speeds without introducing lag time between actions performed by viewers themselves; HDBaseT support enables hassle-free installation using standard HDMI cables (no separate receiver required); full 1920 x 1080 resolution makes sure everything looks crystal clear no matter how far away they’re sitting from screen.

The X600 is equipped with an impressive range of connectivity options, including DisplayPort, two HDMI ports (for a total resolution up to 4K), VGA out, and S-video. It also includes composite video input so that you can connect any standard Definition devices like DVD players or nice flat-screen TVs!


  • Very bright
  • There is zoom
  • Network control

3- BenQ TH685 1080p Gaming Projector

BenQ TH685 1080p Gaming Projector

The BenQ TH685 is a great option for those who want to not only see but hear their movies in vivid detail. With a built-in digital movie display, this TV will give you everything from dialogue and sound effects up until immersive 3Dsecution management!

BenQ’s TH685 is a Full HD 1080p projector that has been designed for gamers by gamers. With a short-throw ratio, compatibility with traditional and PC-less media playback devices, and a 2x zoom lens, the TH685 has been specifically engineered to operate in a living room or games den environment. 

The BenQ TH685 boasts a host of gamer-focused features, too – including preset gaming modes, ultra-quick boot time from standby mode, and instant resume from shutdown mode, which means you won’t miss any action while your projector switches itself on from cold. 

In addition to this, there’s dynamic contrast technology built into the unit that ensures dark scenes are displayed just as clearly as bright ones, no matter how badly lit/moody the on-screen action becomes.

The TH685 can project a bright image for a typical living room setup. It’s bright enough to be watched on sunny days without too much discomfort, but the projector will struggle if you want to project it onto a large screen during the daytime. 

The image has its fair share of problems, too – there are noticeable issues with grey ghosting on fast-moving images, particularly noticeable when playing games. There’s also some ‘rainbow effect’ related smearing of color gradients which is prevalent in scene changes and fades, but not an issue during normal usage or movie playback.


  • Compatible
  • 4K HDR Support
  • 3-year warranty

4- LG PF50KA Portable Full HD Projector

LG PF50KA Portable Full HD Projector

LG Electronics (LG) has unveiled a new market-pioneering Portable Full HD projector, the world’s first 100-inch class projector measuring less than 0.5 inches thick and weighing 14 pounds. 

Utilizing advanced laser light source technology, the PF50KA provides up to 30,000 hours of virtually maintenance-free operation while delivering bright images in both bright and low-light settings and offers better color reproduction than conventional DLP projectors with true 1080p Full HD resolution on screen sizes up to 100 inches diagonal. 

The PF50KA is ideal for digital business presentations. Its ultra-portable size, weight, and ultra-short throw capabilities allow presenters to draw attention from every corner of the room, including small meeting rooms, Dorm room, board rooms, and classrooms.

The PF50KA is an ideal replacement for LED video projector solutions. It provides a 30,000 lamp hour – more than five years of operation – virtually maintenance-free laser light source and Xenon bulb without buying expensive replacements like their conventional LCD or DLP counterparts requiring. 

The ultra-short-throw (UST) lens allows the projector to project images from just inches away from the wall or screen, which, combined with its low weight, makes it possible to project bright, vivid images in virtually any space including small conference rooms. 

In addition, the PF50KA’s 26dB noise level means that presenters can freely talk while audiences enjoy crystal clear sound directly from the built-in speaker without external speakers being required.

The PF50KA is an integral part of making digital signage more affordable to small businesses allowing them to utilize the screen in their waiting room, lobby, or storefront to advertise upcoming events and promotions to customers.

Digital signage is also becoming more popular in government applications like subway information displays, highway construction signs and weather warnings, school announcements, and advertising across airports, bus terminals, and train stations where the PF50KA can be placed without having to make major modifications or installation costs.


  • High-quality materials
  • LED light source
  • Full HD resolution

5- ViewSonic PG800HD 5000 Lumens

ViewSonic PG800HD 5000 Lumens

The ViewSonic PG800HD is a small projector with great features. It has 5000 ANSI lumens and can produce vivid colors and images in Full HD 1080p. In addition, the projector includes several inputs such as HDMI, VGA & Composite that connect gaming PC, laptops, and other external devices to it. 

The PG800HD includes wireless capabilities and an integrated media player to play JPEG, BMP, AVI videos directly from the memory card or USB flash drive. An additional benefit is its built-in 10W speaker, which produces loud sound for watching videos or playing games without plugging extra speakers. 

The ViewSonic PG800HD includes an HDMI port that allows you to easily connect it with any computer, gaming laptop, or game console. It also has a VGA port for using it with older computers and laptops (it doesn’t include drivers for Windows 8) or projectors without HDMI. You can also connect analog devices such as set-top boxes, DVD players, camcorders, and more by using its composite video inputs. 

Additionally, the projector comes with one USB port intended for plugging in devices such as memory cards & USB flash drives so you can play back your photos, videos & songs on the big screen without having to use cables or other expensive accessories.

The PG800HD projector includes a built-in media player that allows you to play your favorite photos, videos, and songs directly from a USB flash drive or memory card without installing any extra software. The media player also works with popular formats such as AVI, MPEG1/2/4, WMV9, and H264-MPEG4 AVC, so you’ll be able to stream all kinds of multimedia files from external devices.


  • Dynamic lamp control
  • Wireless connection
  • For large rooms and outdoor

6- Optoma UHD30 True 4K UHD Gaming Projector

Optoma UHD30 True 4K UHD Gaming Projector

Optoma UHD30 is an LCD projector with Ultra development in UHD. Quantitatively, it’s beyond 4K superior. It has 3840×2160 pixel resolution resulting in 8.3 megapixels of pure sharpness! 

Optoma UHD30 is a complete gaming projector essential for gamers looking to upgrade their gaming experience in the world they love – games! Optoma UHD30 can generate up to 20000 lumens of brightness output with its 3 X HDMI ports. 

You can run multiple games on different devices simultaneously without any compatibility issues. Do it all on one single screen at high resolution with the highest color accuracy, even at the darkest areas of the game.

Optoma UHD30 is more than just an affordable gaming projector. You can enjoy movies, videos, and shows in the highest detail possible with its 800:1 contrast ratio and 10-bit support of 1.07 billion colors! Therefore, Optoma UHD30 is all you need to experience the newest games at their finest performance ever before possible.

Optoma UHD30 also has several smart features like a built-in media player, a USB port, and wireless connectivity. Connect the USB up to a computer or a memory stick and play your favorite media files on the screen. Connect the projector with any device through its HDMI ports, wirelessly via Bluetooth, or simply by using an audio jack!

The possibilities are endless with this projector as it is compatible with the general Android 5.1 version and Windows 10 for PCs. Thanks to its downloadable offline mode feature, you can download many different apps from Google Playstore even without connecting to Wi-Fi.

Incorporate them into your projects, and enjoy! Optoma UHD30 will give you extraordinary performance in games, media, and other general purposes you might want to use it for.Experience the sharpest and most detailed graphics as never before with Optoma UHD30!


  • Colors are vivid
  • Very bright
  • Gaming mode

7- Optoma HD28HDR Home Theater Projector

Optoma HD28HDR Home Theater Projector

Optoma HD28HDR Projector is a full-featured home entertainment projector with a high-definition experience. DLP technology offers brilliant image quality, which provides razor-sharp images, deep blacks, and vibrant colors.

The 1920×1080 WUXGA resolution of this projector means you’ll get the most out of your 1080p Blu-ray collection and Full HD content from other sources such as television broadcasts and gaming consoles like PlayStation 5, Xbox One S, and Nintendo Switch. In addition, the HDMI ports allow for direct connection to Blu-ray players, computers, gaming consoles, and HD set-top boxes for HD content.

Optoma HD28HDR 1080p Home Theater Projector has a built-in audio system that provides 5 watts X 20 watts of full-range stereo sound with enough room-filling volume to keep the entire family happy. In addition, the 2800 Lumens bright lamp ensures your images are always visible even during daylight hours or in rooms with regular lighting conditions. 3D support means you can get into the action whenever you want it, and including RF glasses (PTA02) included, along with an IR emitter, allows you to enjoy 3D content from many different sources such as satellite TV services like Sky and Freeview Play.

The 6.5ft throw ratio means everyone can get a great view of your screen, whether it’s mounted on the ceiling or set up on a coffee table stand for watching movies at home with friends and family. 

The Optoma HD28HDR 1080p Home Theater Projector is designed to be easy to use with an intuitive menu layout that guides you through picture adjustments.

High-Quality Picture Performance With 2800 Lumens color brightness (color light output) and 3200 lumens white brightness (white light output), the Optoma HD28HDR 1080p Home Theater Projector provides an incredibly bright, high-quality image with a superb contrast ratio and deeply saturated colors.

Ultra-Sharp Images With Full HD 1920 x1080 resolution, this projector ensures you’ll get the most out of your 1080p Blu-ray collection and Full HD content from other sources such as television broadcasts or gaming consoles PlayStation 4 Pro, Xbox One S, and Nintendo Switch. In addition, the HDMI ports allow for direct connection to Blu-ray players, computers, gaming consoles, and HD set-top boxes for HD content.


  • 4K support
  • Great quality of images
  • Easy connection

Buyer Guides for Best Projector Under 1500

Contrast and Brightness

All three are intricately tied together, as you will see. The overall contrast of a photographic image. In that case, there are some very simple ways to do it with an imaging program such as Photoshop without having to understand all of the underpinnings on how those modifications affect the rest of the information in your image (and subsequently its histogram). 

That’s not to say that one cannot accomplish “the same thing” by understanding what changes they’re making and why – but for this discussion, we’ll stick with simply knowing we can make certain modifications and be reasonably assured of a predictable result.


Projectors can be rather bulky and heavy appliances if you want to use them for your home theater. However, some models weigh less than 5kg, allowing easy transportation within the building or even by car! The brightness value also ranges from 200-500 lumens depending on how portable it will ultimately become; however, these low-cost projectors do not have great picture quality, so they should only really be used as a supplement instead of replacing an expensive television set.

Type of a Projector

The three types of projectors available today can be divided into Ultra Short-Focus, short-focus, and long lights. The first one is an excellent solution for those who want to have their speakers leave no shadow or distract them from any light hitting eyesight while projecting at less than 0 .5 meters distance which means about 1-meter width images will show up 50cm away if projected right next to you!

The lens of an ultra-short focus projector is usually fitted in its rear part, which allows it to project images with a couple more tens centimeters. As a result, many short throw projectors can display 1 meter wide from 6cm away!


Projectors come in different resolutions to suit your needs. For example, suppose you’re looking for an extremely crisp image with fine details. In that case, this is what we recommend – but if it’s more important that the text wasn’t too small or fuzzy on screen during presentations with limited graphics (like PowerPoint), there are lower resolution models available as well!

This includes office presentations. If you don’t mind doing mostly PowerPoint work on a 1024×768 projector, then that will be enough high-resolution quality – but if not, then consider something like a 1280X800 resolution model instead!

To ensure that your digital images are clear and colorful, it is important to have a device with enough resolution. If you want detailed drawings or photos of complex engineering projects (such as buildings), then try using devices like those that can output an image at 1400×1050 pixels per inch; these will ensure no part goes unnoticed!


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